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“Remarkable Kids Martial Arts Class Not Only Teaches Kids Self Defense … But Teaches Them The Skills They Need To Succeed In Life…”

From self-control, focusing, fitness and goal setting – kids emerge from this program transformed for the better. And their parents couldn’t be happier.


3224203Hello my name is Steven Gregoire and I’m the chief instructor here at Gregoire Combatives.

In all of my 30 years of teaching children martial arts, this is the results that I often see after just a few months of training…



  • Better focus – We have them doing one specific thing at a time for short periods of time. As their focus gets gradually better we have them focus for longer periods of time.
  • Driven to Succeed – As soon as they set foot in class they are taught to set goals. Their first goal is to earn their white belt which is earned on their second class. Once they see they can achieve this goal it helps them set other goals. They learn that through hard work they succeed.
  • Self Confidence – When it comes to being bullied self confidence plays a big part with portraying a don’t pick on me attitude. With our program your child will develop a very strong confident attitude.Typically bullies pick on those they think are weak. But if for some reason a bully does decide to pick on one of our kids your kid will have the tools to defend themselves and then inform an authority figure.
  • Getting physically fit – It’s easy for kids to sit on the couch playing video games all day. As a result, many kids today have weight problems at way too early of an age.Martial arts is a great way to get and stay in shape. Our program is one of action and movement. They will have more energy, be more alert and feel better.

Most importantly, they will have fun!

There are so many other great benefits kids get with martial arts.

This is what some of our parents are saying…


walls“Great results in personal confidence, character, and fitness”

My son has been involved with their programs for more than 5 years. Great results in personal confidence, character, and fitness.

I cannot recommend enough the people behind this organization.

– Jeff Walls

kidpunch2“My son is more focused”

Great with kids and very patient. Very pleased.

-Kim Vonk




 smallmom1“My 2 boys have a great time while learning discipline,

strength, coordination and self-confidence”

I have 2 boys taking classes from the Gregoires. One is 6 in the youngster class and he has a great time while learning discipline, strength, coordination and self-confidence.

This class prepared him to be a great kindergartner, helps him be able to sit and listen to the teacher and keeps him fit.

My 10 year old is learning great skill, self-discipline and he will definitely be able to defend himself in any bully situation. He has confidence and aspires to get his black belt. Both boys love to go to class, they never try to get out of it and have some great role models in their lives now.

We love Gregoire Combatives!

– Christina Chase.


What if my child is not athletic? Will they fall behind?

Many kids who are not successful in team sports end up doing especially well in the martial arts. (This was me as a kid)

The reason for this is because in the martial arts you develop at your own pace. In team sports it can be difficult for the non-athletic kid to perform well for the team, thus putting unneeded peer pressure and harming their self-esteem resulting in a loss of confidence.

In martial arts you are not letting anyone down since you go at your own pace. Of course some kids learn quicker than others – but the kids who learn quicker are valued more than the others.


Will my kid become violent?

(This was my mom’s concern when she first enrolled me back in 1986!)

Absolutely not! The martial arts as taught in our program (and as taught to me as a child) isn’t to use the kicks and punches to beat up people.

Instead the martial arts is used as a tool for personal growth.

Children learn to treat others respectfully.

Typically, children who come to our program with aggressive tendencies will become more calm and less aggressive. So no your child will not become violent.


Will My kid get hurt?

I have had kids coming to my program for long periods of time without ever getting injured. We have one of the safest programs around.

I wouldn’t say no one has never gotten hurt, but no more than what kids get playing basketball or soccer.

We have top of the line martial arts flooring, padded walls and detailed instruction. We do everything possible to ensure your child does not get hurt. I can’t guarantee your child wont get injured – but I can say that almost no kids get hurt in our program.


Can girls do martial arts?

Absolutely yes! And in my opinion I think all girls should know some self-defense so they have the tools necessary to defend themselves.

In fact one of my top students is a woman who owns her own martial arts studio. Girls are just as tough as the boys and in some cases


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4pmAges 4-7 (7 spots available)Ages 4-7 (7 spots available)
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6pmAges 8-12 (2 spots available)Ages 8-12 (9 spots available)Ages 8-12 (2 spots available)Ages 8-12 (9 spots available)

Once you complete the purchase: please show up 15 minutes before your child’s first class to size them for their uniform.


If you live in the following cities of Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage or Desert Hot Springs then you are close enough to come train with us!