Giving Kids A Sense Of Confidence And Discipline… Our Martial Arts Classes Are Amazing Parents With The Kinds of Results We Are Bringing Out Of Their Kids.

We consulted Top Experts in Child Psychology & Development to make our program incredible. The result: The most life-changing, FUN, and enriching activity you’ll ever find.

Hello my name is Steven Gregoire and I’m the chief instructor here at Gregoire Combatives.

In all of my 30 years of teaching children martial arts, this is the results that I often see after just a few months of training…

From self-control, focusing, fitness and goal setting – kids emerge from this program transformed for the better. And their parents couldn’t be happier.

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$20 for first month then 79.00 a month (includes FREE kids uniform)  

We are only taking payments via credit card or debit cards with this special.

WE DO NOT DO CONTRACTS: If you need to cancel for any reason just call or text us 10 days before your due date and we can cancel the payments.

Check the class schedule  (Classes are 2 times a week and are age specific.)

4pmAges 4-7 (7 spots available)Ages 4-7 (7 spots available)
5pmAges 4-7 (3 spots available)Ages 4-7 (4 spots available)Ages 4-7 (3 spots available)Ages 4-7 (4 spots available)
6pmAges 8-12 (2 spots available)Ages 8-12 (9 spots available)Ages 8-12 (2 spots available)Ages 8-12 (9 spots available)

Once you complete the purchase: please show up 15 minutes before your child’s first class to size them for their uniform.


What other parents are saying:

Love this place! My 4 yr old son loves his instructor, Mr Gregorie, and loves the structure of the class. I highly recommend Gregorie Combatives. Its a great way for your kids to learn structure, patience, discipline and respect …..And Both instructors are FANTASTIC with the kids. After our trial classes were over , we signed up for weekly classes Kimberly G. · February 26, 2017

Steve is awesome with children. My 7 year old daughter loved it and can’t wait for her lessons. It’s an excellent deal. Gregorie Combatives is clean and neat. I am 100% happy with this place. Mindy C. · August 31, 2016 ·

My kids loved it, They can’t wait to go back;) Adrian · August 18, 2016

The instructor was great at working at the pace everyone was comfortable with. Constantly giving positive feedback and making sure that we understood the reason for every move and technique. Highly recommended. Dino G. · August 17, 2016

The instructor was great with the kids, He made them feel comfortable from the first class. Laura G. · July 29, 2016

The instructor is fun! My kid had a blast and doesn’t stop talking about how excited he is to be experiencing this! Thank you! Maria C. · July 14, 2016 ·

The instructor is professional ,excellent with kids nice and convenient place Peter N